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Huffman Management Buys Huffman Manor

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April 7, 2022

Immediate Release

On April 7, 2022 Huffman Management, LLC closed on its purchase of 1114 Broadway St, Minden, LA. This 5250 square foot home sits on over 2 acres and is located in the historic district of Minden Louisiana. The home was formally Grace Estate a Bed & Breakfast, Event Center and Tea Room. Huffman Management was only able to obtain a zoning waver as a Bed and Breakfast and will operate it as a Historic Inn / Bed and Breakfast. Although it never intended to operate a Tea Room (AKA restaurant) the home was well suited to host weddings , reunions, business retreats, birthday parties and events. In spite of the history on the property Huffman Management was denied the “Event Center” zoning waver. This will mean Huffman Manor will not be able to charge for public spaces.

In April Kimberly Huffman stated at the city council meeting “We run hotels and that is what our focus will be on. Being an event center will just allow us to service our guests better. We have stated we will not have bands and will be good neighbors”. But the assurances fell on deaf ears as several people voiced opposition oblivious to the assurances of the Huffman’s.

With the purchase of this property the Huffman’s now own four property located in Minden, LA “we continue to focus on the positive and the growth of our wonderful little town” stated Jim Huffman, he went on, “Although I was appalled by the hypocrisy of some of those who apposed Huffman Manor being an event center, several had posted on Facebook supporting it as a events venue, two recorded videos in support an and one person stated it was not needed, but hosted his daughters wedding there 6 months earlier. I believe in being honest when I do business but realize I can hold others to my standard. Frankly I took the time to shake each of their hands telling each that they did a great job at expressing there point. “

Huffman Manor will operate as a Bed and Breakfast or a Historic Inn in the historic district of Minden, LA. Over the next six months the home will undergo a face lift. Over the next several years addental rooms will be added as time and funding permits.

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    1. Stacy, thanks. It was one for 8 years but when I requested it stay that way the zoning board and city council had a different idea. So now we can not charge for the space but is included with you rent all the rooms.

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