Fishing For Politicians

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Minden candidates running for Mayor and City Council are invited to take part in a day of politicians doing good, as we raise money for Project Reclaim on Saturday, October 22, 2022 .  At 1:00pm the event starts with a social hour where the voters can meet and talk to the candidates, while enjoying iced tea. Then at 2:00pm each candidate will be allotted a specific time to speak to the voters outlining their platform, ideas, and dreams for Minden. At 3:00 pm the candidates will be giving the opportunity to serve “to-go” fish dinners. A fish dinner will be $7.50 with proceeds going to Project Reclaim, a leadership program that targets elementary, middle, junior and high school youth. Project Reclaim service Minden and Webster Parish. The dinner can be paid at the time in is picked up or you can pre-purchase a the caudate that presales the greatest number of fish dinners tickets will win the Reclaimed Diamond Award and the bragging rights that accompany this service award.

All items for the fish dinner will be donated by Kimberly and Jim Huffman of Huffman Management. The event will be held at 1114 Broadway St, Minden at Huffman Manor Inn. More information can be found about this event at www.HuffmanManagemant.com/politicians-doing-good

Schedule Of Events

1:00 pm – Tea & Talk

2:00 pm – Candidate Speeches

3 -4:30 pm – Public Service Candidates Serving Fish Dinners

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The Huffman's Postpone Fundraiser

Only after a great deal of thought the Huffman family decided to postpone the event to raise money for underprivileged children of Minden.  Due to the neighbor that lives behind the property and one or two on the historical society writing letters to the city and working diligently to place a negative spin on the event the Huffman family has decided to postpone the event until after the election. “There are people working hard to get elected that we care about and we will not be placed in the position to harm those chances”, stated Jim Huffman

The City of Minden stated that it was well within the Huffman’s  rights, as the property owners, to host a get-to-gather of this type.  Not being an event center means that Huffman Management, LLC can not profit from events or take money for the rental of the land or general spaces of the home. As landowners the Huffman’s’ can donate the space or host a party. The family takes the position that “we own the land and we can do with it as we see fit, unless there is a law prohibiting it”. “Of course we would like to be good neighbors and good citizens but will not be bulled by those individuals who are overly sensitive and hyper negative” stated Mr. Huffman.  

“In short the children’s fund raiser will just have to wait a month or two but we stand committed to helping the children and the betterment of the community we live in” Jim went on “it’s just bad or should I say sad, when a group is so focused on winning they are willing to hurt children”.