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Long Term Rentals

Discover Comfort and Convenience: Extended Stays Redefined at Huffman Manor Inn

Discover Extended Stay Excellence at Huffman Manor Inn

Welcome to Huffman Manor Inn, your premier destination for extended stays, furnished rentals, and short-term leases that combine the charm of a bed and breakfast with the convenience and flexibility of an apartment. Whether you’re seeking weekly or monthly rates, Huffman Manor Inn offers a unique accommodation experience that caters to those looking for a temporary home away from home.

Why Choose Huffman Manor Inn

At Huffman Manor Inn, we understand the needs of travelers looking for comfortable, long-term accommodations. Our furnished apartments are designed to provide all the comforts of home, making your extended stay both relaxing and enjoyable. With competitive weekly and monthly rates, we offer an affordable alternative to traditional hotel stays, without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Our Accommodations

Each of our apartments and suites is thoughtfully furnished, ensuring a comfortable and homely atmosphere. From cozy bedding to fully equipped kitchens, our accommodations are designed to meet the needs of every guest, whether you’re staying for a week, a month, or longer.

Benefits of Extended Stays at Huffman Manor Inn

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Choosing Huffman Manor Inn for your extended stay offers numerous benefits. Not only do our rates become more cost-effective over time, but our accommodations are also ideal for business professionals on temporary assignments, travelers on long-term explorations, or individuals in the midst of relocating.

Services and Amenities

To make your stay as convenient as possible, Huffman Manor Inn provides a range of services and amenities. Enjoy high-speed Internet for all your work and entertainment needs, along with flexible workspace options. Our housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance services ensure a hassle-free stay, letting you focus on what’s important to you.

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Experience Local Living

Staying at Huffman Manor Inn allows you to immerse yourself in the local community. Explore nearby attractions, dine at local eateries, and experience the culture of the area as if you were a local yourself. Our staff are always on hand to provide recommendations and tips for living like a local.

Flexible Leasing Options

We offer short-term leases to provide you with the flexibility you need during your stay. Whether you’re unsure of how long you’ll need accommodation or you find yourself needing to extend your stay, Huffman Manor Inn accommodates your schedule with ease.

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Don’t just take our word for it—our satisfied guests often share their positive experiences at Huffman Manor Inn. From the comfort and convenience of our accommodations to the warmth and hospitality of our staff, hear firsthand how Huffman Manor Inn stands out as the ideal choice for extended stays.

Booking and Availability

Ready to book your extended stay at Huffman Manor Inn? Contact us directly or use our online booking channels to secure your room. Our team is here to answer any questions you have and ensure your booking process is smooth and straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Huffman Manor Inn ideal for extended stays?

  • Our combination of furnished apartments, flexible leasing options, and comprehensive services and amenities makes us the perfect choice for those in need of comfortable long-term accommodations.
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Are pets allowed at Huffman Manor Inn?

  • Yes, we understand that pets are part of the family. Huffman Manor Inn is pet-friendly, though we ask guests to inform us in advance so we can accommodate you and your furry friends in the best way possible.

What are the local attractions near Huffman Manor Inn?

    • Our location offers easy access to a variety of local attractions, including parks, museums, restaurants, and shopping areas. Whether you’re interested in exploring the outdoors or enjoying the local culture, there’s something for everyone near Huffman Manor Inn.

    Can I extend my stay if I need to?

    • Absolutely! We offer flexible leasing options to accommodate your needs. If you need to extend your stay, simply let us know, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

    Do you offer discounts for long-term stays?

    • Yes, we offer competitive rates for our long-term guests. The longer you stay, the more you save. Contact us for more information on our weekly and monthly rates.


    Choosing Huffman Manor Inn for your extended stay offers not just a place to sleep, but a home away from home. With our combination of comfortable furnishings, comprehensive amenities, and personalized service, we ensure your long-term stay is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Whether you’re in town for business, in the midst of a relocation, or simply exploring the area for an extended period, Huffman Manor Inn provides the perfect base for your adventures. Experience the best in extended stay accommodation—discover Huffman Manor Inn today.


    Huffman Manor and Minden The Spot for Team-Builds

    Huffman Manor Inn and Minden is the perfect choice to host your next corporate retreat or team build.

    If you’re looking for an ideal location to host your next corporate retreat or team build, look no further than Huffman Manor Inn and Minden. This beautiful and historic location is perfect for your business needs, offering excellent facilities, a stunning setting, and a range of amenities to make your event a success. In this post, we’ll explore why Huffman Manor Inn and Minden is the perfect choice for your next corporate retreat or team build.


    Huffman Manor Inn is located in the heart of Minden, Louisiana. This location offers easy access to major highways and airports, making it a convenient choice for businesses and teams. Additionally, the location is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, providing a peaceful and tranquil setting for your event.

    The inn is also within walking distance of the Minden Historic Downtown District, which offers a range of dining and shopping options for your team to enjoy during their downtime.

    Finally, the location is just a short drive from Shreveport, Louisiana, which offers additional dining, shopping, and entertainment options for your team to explore. If you group is looking for a little action Bossier City is a short drive and offers horse racing along with casino gaming.

    Meeting Rooms

    Huffman Manor Inn offers a range of meeting rooms to accommodate your business needs through our relationship with downtown event venues. The largest meeting room can accommodate up to 500 people, while smaller rooms are available for more intimate gatherings. All meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology, including high-speed internet, projectors, and audiovisual equipment.

    In addition to meeting rooms, the inn also offers a range of outdoor spaces that can be used for team-building activities or outdoor meetings. These spaces include a courtyard, a gazebo, fire pit area and a pool area.


    The inn offers a range of accommodations to fit the needs of your team. Guest rooms are beautifully appointed and offer a range of amenities, including high-speed internet, cable TV, and comfortable bedding. Additionally, the inn offers a range of suites that are perfect for executives or team leaders.

    Finally, the inn offers a range of amenities to help your team relax and unwind after a busy day of meetings or team building activities. These amenities include a pool, meditation area , and a hot tub.


    Huffman Manor Inn and Minden offers a range of dining options for your team. The inn offers a complimentary breakfast each morning, as well as a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. The restaurant offers a range of cuisine, including Cajun and Creole specialties, as well as classic American dishes.

    The inn also offers a range of catering options for your meetings or events. The catering staff can work with you to create a menu that fits your needs and budget.

     Team Building Activities

    Huffman Manor Inn and Minden offers a range of team building activities to help your team bond and build relationships. These activities include outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, as well as indoor activities like cooking classes and wine tastings.

    The inn can also work with you to create a custom team building program that fits the needs and goals of your team.

    Corporate Retreat Packages

    Huffman Manor Inn and Minden offers a range of corporate retreat packages to fit the needs and budget of your business. These packages include meeting room rental, accommodations, dining, and team building activities. The inn can work with you to create a package that fits your specific needs and goals.

    Customer Service

    Huffman Manor Inn prides itself on providing excellent customer service to all of its guests. The staff is dedicated to ensuring that your event runs smoothly and that your team has a positive experience. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and a commitment to meeting your needs.


    If you’re looking for a beautiful and historic location to host your next corporate retreat or team build, look no further than Huffman Manor Inn and Minden. With its convenient location, excellent facilities, and range of amenities, this inn is the perfect choice for your business needs.

    Contact Information

    If you’re interested in learning more about Huffman Manor Inn and Minden, or if you’re ready to book your next corporate retreat or team build, contact the inn today.

    Huffman Manor Inn

    1114 Broadway St.

    Minden, LA 71055

    (318) 639-9141

    Don’t forget about our sister bed and breakfast that is just 2 doors down… Huffman House Bed and Breakfast.

    Huffman House Bed and Breakfast

    1108 Broadway St.

    Minden, LA 71055


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    Meeting, Event or Reunion In Minden, LA

    Are you planning a meeting or event and considering booking a venue in a small town? Small towns have a lot to offer in terms of services, natural beauty and atmosphere. Whether you’re hosting a business seminar or a family reunion, booking a venue in a small town can be beneficial. Here are five tips for planning a successful event in a small town.

    1. Take Advantage of the Beauty of Small Towns Like Minden, LA

    The beauty of small towns can add to the success of your meeting or event. Small towns often offer unique attractions and activities that can be used to enhance your event. Whether it’s a scenic walk through the historic district, a local museum or a nearby lake, such as Lake Bistineau. The natural beauty of a small town can be a great addition to your event.

    2. Research Venues

    When selecting a venue in a small town, it’s important to research the options thoroughly. Make sure to compare prices, amenities, and any additional costs. Look for venues that are close to local attractions and amenities, such as restaurants and hotels. You should also consider the size of the venue, as well as the amount of parking available.

    3. Ask for Referrals

    If you’re having trouble finding a suitable venue in a small town, ask for referrals from other businesses or event planners. They may have used a great venue in the past that you can use for your event. Additionally, local business owners may be able to provide helpful advice or recommendations.

    4. Utilize Local Resources

    When planning an event in a small town, it’s important to take advantage of the local resources available. For example, many small towns have local newspapers or radio stations that can be used to promote your event. Additionally, many small towns have local businesses that can provide catering or other services for your event.

    5. Stay Flexible

    When planning an event in a small town, it’s important to stay flexible. Additionally, it’s important to be aware of any potential weather issues that could impact your event.

    Booking a venue in a small town can be a great way to add beauty, atmosphere and local charm to your meeting or event. By following these tips, you can ensure that your event is successful and memorable. So, the next time you’re planning an event, consider booking a venue in a small town for a unique and successful experience.

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    Logo HM

    Minden Press Herald Febuary 20, 2022

    Minden Press Herald

    Minden Press Herald

    By: Amber Mcdown

    February 20, 2022

    The Minden Planning Commission met last Thursday to vote on a zoning variance for the property formerly known as Grace Estate. Proponents for each side showed up with supporters and documentation. After three hours of debate, the request to allow a bed and breakfast to operate was approved, but the variance for the event center was not.

    The property is in the Minden Historic Residential District. In 1992, this neighborhood was designated a Historic Trust neighborhood. This means that the homes are protected, to a certain extent, from changes. “In the Historic Residential District, any changes that you make to the exterior of your home has to be approved with a certificate of appropriateness by the Historic Commission before you can get a building permit from me. It includes changing colors of paint and things like that that are even more inclusive than what I do,” said Brent Cooley, City Building Official. 

     The Huffmans, who are in the process of purchasing Grace Estate and who have owned and operated Huffman house for seven years, requested that they be able to use 70% of the home as the bed and breakfast. This is a special request as the amount usually allotted is 20%. The President of the Minden Historic Residential District, Leslie Rainier, was against this portion of the variance. She stated, “The bed and breakfast idea was created for the benefit of the homeowners so they could offset the cost of running a large, historic home. It really was not created to provide a commercial venture and a profit-building situation.”

    They plan to convert spaces within the main house so that it will have five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. One suite would be for his daughter, who currently attends LSU in Baton Rouge. The other four sleeping rooms plus the two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the carriage house would be for guests. “The variance he’s requesting is to do a Lodging House, which is an auxiliary residential use,” said Cooley. “As long as he’s not renting more than five bedrooms inside the house, that structure still can be, and should be, considered residential.”

    When asked where all these guests would park, Huffman explained his plan for a small strip of parking spaces on the side of the home near Sylvan Place. 

    The debate concerning the proposed event center focused on things that have happened in the past, under the previous ownership. Noise from bands and fireworks, parking issues, trash issues were all discussed extensively. “I’ll commit right now that we won’t shoot fireworks,” said Jim Huffman. Huffman also planned to have security for any larger events as well as parking attendants to manage the parking and to collect trash. Regarding the trash, Huffman noted that the trash along Sylvan Place has been laying there for months and much of it cannot be attributed to the former event center. 

    Many people do not want to hear any disturbances when they are home. Between 2015 and 2021 there have been approximately ten events of around one hundred people at Grace Estate. Huffman pointed out that there are about seven or eight football games at Minden High that cause noise, parking issues, and trash. There are at least six parades a year that cause noise, parking issues, and trash. “But we tolerate it because it’s in the best interest of our community. We make a decision to have those things, in spite of the negative impacts,” he said. 

    Mrs. Rainer rebutted by saying, “For some reason, the Historic District, even though it’s protected by the National Trust, is constantly bombarded by people who want to come in and take a historic neighborhood and make it into something else.”

    Planning commissioner, Sarah Haynes stated, “We wanted to, as a commission, to do what’s right. It’s right down the middle. About half don’t want it; and little over half of the people do want it.”

    While the bed and breakfast passed with three in favor and two opposed, the event center was declined with a vote of two in favor and three opposed. 

    Jim Huffman stated, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve our community as a bed and breakfast. This was our primary focus.” The Huffmans hosted a get-together this past Saturday in hopes of re-building some bridges in the District. He invites everyone to join the new Facebook page he created to allow for “free and uncensored polite speech” regarding happenings in the neighborhood. His is called “Minden Historic District Residence.”